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Racing around the world using only renewable energy



Although sustainability is one of the most complex terms and problems, we believe electric drive is the future. Although storage and generation of electricity are not yet fully sustainable we believe the road to sustainable transport is open with electric drive. By switching to electric drive the demand for sustainable energy generation and efficient energy storage will grow and the transition to sustainable transport will be more achievable than ever.


Zero emission transport is slowly making its way into society, but not everyone is convinced of the possibilities and advantages of electrical transport. We want to show everyone that electrical vehicles can be fun and powerful enough to take on the world.


To prove electric vehicles can literally take on the world, our goal is to go around the world in 80 days on electric motorcycles. We will do this by competing against other teams in the 80 Day Race. In order to make this adventure a success we have three challenges to overcome and we make 6 promises of improvement.



Developing a motorcycle which will travel around the world in 80 days, without relying on fossil fuels, is an enormous challenge.  Not only does the team have to achieve something which has never been done before, to be successful the motorcycle will have to be more efficient, more reliable and even smarter than any ever has. To achieve this, cutting edge technology will have to be applied, tested and perfected. Therefore, technology will play a major part in winning the 80 Day Race.

6 Promises


A reliable and efficient motorcycle is only the start of it. In 80 days STORM Eindhoven’s motorcycle and its team will have to travel 40,000 km. This means that, on average, 500 km should be covered on a daily basis, taking ten to twelve hours per day. The only landmarks the teams will have are the start and finish line in each of the eight cities that will host the 80DR. The rest of the route is a blank canvas on which the team will have to apply its own strategy.

4 continents


The team and the Eindhoven University of Technology are situated in the Brainport area of the Netherlands. The region around Eindhoven is known for its vital position in the automotive industry. The 80 Day Race is a fantastic media platform to represent Eindhoven and its talents. STORM Eindhoven means to show the world how sustainable mobility can be attractive and feasible  right now. 

Our team



Electric vehicles are not famous for their attractive designs. When designing vehicles with combustion engines in the past, industry did not need to pay too much attention to range. Electric vehicle designers tend to give priority to efficiency over esthetics to maximize range. STORM will find the optimum between efficiency and esthetics. Motorcycles are elegant, let’s keep it that way. 


The main focus of STORM is the integration of safety systems and driver assistance systems in a user-friendly way. The driver will be more visible to the other road users while being more aware of the environment as well. This new combination of technologies can assist the driver with navigating and indicates possible dangers ahead.


An often mentioned prejudice about motorcycles in comparison to automobiles is the limited driver safety. Whereas cars have rapidly improved in both active and passive safety, the motorcycle still has a long way to go. STORM aims to make the motorcycle smarter and close this gap.


Current motorcycles are not typically known for their aerodynamic shape. As air resistance is a major factor in efficiency, this is one aspect which can improve the range of electric motorcycles. STORM’s electric cruiser will demonstrate how even a motorcycle can be designed to be aerodynamically efficient. 


Charging an electric vehicle is often inconvenient and time consuming. By swapping the empty battery with a charged one, the ‘refueling’ time is reduced considerably. In addition, modular battery packs can be expanded with additional modules to serve as a back-up.



Cruiser motorcycle performance combines sports and motorcycling with both great handling and comfort: in urban conditions the motorcycle should respond swiftly, while longer journeys require great comfort. The suspension will adapt its softness and the vehicle’s height to different circumstances.

80 day race

Starting in April 2016, teams will race between eight of the most exciting locations around the world without using a single drop of fossil fuel. The competing teams will choose their own routes and means of transport between eight stopovers. All land-, water- and air vehicles are allowed as long as it runs on renewable resources and has no combustion engine.

Learn more about 80DR



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the Crew

Building the world’s first fully electric cruiser motorcycle entails all kinds of challenges. Therefore, STORM consists of technically skilled engineers from all relevant disciplines that Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has to offer.  This team can be characterized as multidisciplinary, experienced and dedicated. The top-of-the-class students of STORM are driven, innovative and exploring their limits.




Texas van Leeuwenstein

Team Leader

Texas van Leeuwenstein

Team Leader

Texas van Leeuwenstein

Team Leader

Texas van Leeuwenstein

Team Leader

Texas van Leeuwenstein

Team Leader

Texas van Leeuwenstein

Team Leader

STORM Eindhoven


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