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Steef Blok is currently the managing director at het TU/e Innovation Lab and we know him as an extremely helpful man with loads of experience and links in business. Blok is 58 years old and alongside his job as the director of the Innovation Lab he also owns the WLB group and a number of businesses in recreation and in the hospitality industry. His working past is as impressive as the present, but Mister Blok is still most proud of his contribution to the development of a medicine against Pompe disease (Glycogen storage disease type II). The Pompe disease is a muscular disease that occurs in all stages of life and causes muscle weakness. Blok contributed to the development of a cure against this disease during his time at the Erasmus Medical Center. In the future Mister Blok hopes to stay with the Innovation Lab and let it develop into an example of knowledge valorization on universities to the whole of Netherlands. So what is the link between Steef Blok and STORM Eindhoven? Blok does not ride a motorcycle and although he has tried riding one before, he never continued because of the lack of safety. Innovation is what brings Steef Blok to STORM. “STORM has everything which I, as a business developer and innovator, see as Innovation.” When we asked what he thinks of STORM he replied: “STORM is a great group of people who pursue their dream very ambitiously and passionately.” STORM is glad to bond with Steef Blok and we are happy with the fact that Mister Blok enjoys the cooperation as well. “I am proud to use my experience and knowledge in order to help STORM achieve its goals” were his exact words. In the future. Blok sees “a living lab where Eindhoven University of Technology, students and business work together in order to develop an electric motorcycle.” We at STORM also see a beautiful cooperation ahead of us and see our goals approaching within reach with the help of Steef Blok.

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