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Storm panel

Although the STORM Eindhoven team consists of experienced and competent people, all help is of course welcome. This is why we have established the STORM Panel. The STORM Panel consists of 15 advisers from different areas of expertise such as Technology, Innovation and Sustainability. The STORM Panel will act as an advisory board, which will look closely at our project and give us as much feedback as possible. Furthermore, the STORM Panel members will be available to us for questions and will be involved in the team as much as possible.

We our proud to say that we have already four STORM Panel Members that we can introduce:

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On Thursday 2 October, STORM Eindhoven presented itself as a competitor of the 80 Day Race. Read more

interview with steef blok

Steef Blok is currently the managing director at het TU/e Innovation Lab and we know him as an extremely helpful man with loads of experience and links in business. Read more



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